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Consequat pariatur excepteur officia.   Ω That's the silliest thing I've ever heard. The most disgusting, actually, obscene even. How can you live without books? A Let me ask you a question. You read books, yes? Ω Of course. A Would you say that you are a happy and rich person? Ω Rich I am not. Nor do I care about it. A So, none of all the books you might have read has been of any help towards creating wealth for you? Ω I never cared for money. A What about happiness? Ω What about it? A Have all the books you've read provided you with the key to happiness? Ω Happiness comes from within. A Eh? Ω It's a mood. A You mean like, being disgruntled, or being cheerful? Ω Something like that. A So you can be happy or sad at a whim? Ω If I want to, yes. A I can be happy watching a beautiful girl dance. Or a bird fly. Ω What happens when the girl disappears or the bird goes away? Do they take your happiness away with them? A  I am a little disappointed. Ω And that is caused by the disappearance of the girl or bird? A Yes. Ω When those two objects disappear, your happiness disappears as well. A That's right. Ω So your happiness is directly dependent on external objects. A I would say so. Ω And in the absence of those objects, there is no happiness generated inside you.